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The Artist

As a hair stylist, her primary focus is making healthier hair and creating styles that will fulfill her customer’s desires. Specializing in all aspects of hair, she provides services that extend from chemically treated wild and sassy to calm and conservative or creative trendy looks as well as natural hair with a soft press or blow-dry to twist, and locks. Tie is a professional certified colorist who can assist you in choosing the right hair color to compliment you and your life style. She keeps up with the latest techniques in hair trends and enjoys creating individual styles. Tie often lends her talents for image consulting to charity events. She often participates in hair competitions and plans to further her career via runway work, platform work, and commercial print. Tie specializes in eyebrows and make-up as well. She has a true passion for her craft!



As a make-up artist, Tie has the ability to not only transform or enhance someone's look, but to build their confidence. She enjoys the adventure and edginess of make-up for photo shoots everyday wear, and weddings. Her versatility is challenging and refreshing. She has worked not only with amazing artists, but amazing clients and has learned so much from each and every one of them. From red carpet to film, runway, music and special events; Tie is one of the most sought-after celebrity make-up artists on the East Coast. By understanding the dynamics of airbrushing, she holds the secret to achieving the ever-famous “red-carpet glow.” Her client roster consists of A-list celebrities. Tie’s passion and infectious optimism inspires those around her. Her impeccable work ethic and creativity put her at the top of her game, uplifting the make-up industry to a new level.


Tie lives by this, "Cosmetics give you the ability to transform and express yourself every day. Did you wake up feeling a bit rebellious or are you feeling more soft and blushing? Be that person for today. You can change it tomorrow or this afternoon!"